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Mindfulness Training ~ Unleash the Mentalist Within ~ 2nd of 3 part series

Mindfulness Training will give students the opportunity to enrich their own life's journey through the exploration of Mind, Body, & Spirit.  Through a series of Intuitive Dialogue, Meditation, Interactive Exercises and Soul-Self insights you will:

~Practice how to live a Spiritual Life in a physical world.

~Experience Meditation.

~Learn how to embrace the Power of Now & Find your Purpose.

Come to all 3 classes or drop in to 1 or 2 of them!

Module 2:  Unleash the Mentalist Within ~ Alaine will guide you thru Interpreting your dreams, Releasing the Past, Past Life Regression, and Meditation.

Enrollment in JCC Mindful Training is done thru JCC's Life Long Learning Program.

Sharon Siegel ~   ~  856-424-4444 x1297

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