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Looking to add vibrancy to your upcoming fundraising event? Want to create an unforgettable experience for a group gathering? Interested in providing your corporate or event audience with an effective lecture on Mindfulness? Book Alaine Portner Medium Services today and exponentially increase the success of your event or gathering! Known internationally as “The Happy Medium”, Alaine’s natural energy and presence makes her a relatable and lovable messenger of information from “the other side”.

Acclaimed Medium, Author, and Yogi Master Alaine Portner delivers messages and connects audience members with their loved ones in Spirit from "The Other Side". Alaine provides the audience with a magical and empowering experience that immerses crowds in the understanding that loved ones on 'the other side' are continually try to send signs and symbols to let us know that they are still connected to us.

In her Mindfulness training sessions, Alaine helps attendees discover their personal, physical, and spiritual growth through Mindfulness. Students/Attendees will have the opportunity to enrich their own life’s journey through the exploration of Mind, Body, Spirit through a series of intuitive dialogue, meditation, interactive exercises, and soul-self insights, your students.

Contact Alaine Portner Services today at for more information on how our medium services can enhance the success of your upcoming event

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