Gifted medium, author, yogi, spiritual teacher and global speaker, Alaine Portner has been making a difference in the lives of thousands for the past 30 years.

A remarkably sensitive Medium, Alaine specializes in receiving messages from loved ones or guided spirits and then delivers life-affirming insight and direction. 

Clients who experience Alaine's style typically describe it as feeling a sense of euphoria. Readings can provide connective and supportive change in perception, assisting your personal or professional journey. Alaine's engaging manner, full of humor and straight to the heart truths, has provided her a loyal global following at her numerous
regional and international corporate events and retreats.

"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one."

A resident of NJ with a Bachelor of Science from Temple University, Alaine founded the Yoga Center of Medford in 1999, which today houses many gifted teachers and leads in creating a variety of enriching outreach programs.


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Alaine's Book is available now on Click on the book cover above to learn more about her book.

Alaine's Book is available now on Click on the book cover above to learn more about her book.

Spirits are responding all the time! 

Are you asking for signs of communication? 

In Medium Sessions, your loved ones advise where and when they messaged you in the past and will in the future!  

Rainbows, shooting stars, picture tilting, cell phone calls, orbs, songs, license plates are NOT always "coincidences"! The "coincidences" now happen the exact day and way the Spirits predict!

The most common communication is a “Dream visitation", while sleeping.

A loved one’s soul appears on it’s own or in a dream scene to let you know they’re okay. Embrace the dream visit without adding worries that they want or need something from you.   

When you raise your vibration to experience a visitation…Keep it there. 

Live your life knowing that your loved ones are safe, comfortable and providing unconditional love at a time when you may need to hear that, especially around holidays or anniversaries.

Client" Jill" shares her story about what happened after our session:

"You said my mother would come through to me in another way, besides the dream state.

An amazing thing happened.

The actual day we had our Medium session, a large packet of old pictures of my Mom arrived in the mail! They were sent by the son of her best friend, dating from 1945. There are pictures of her and I, girlfriends, and of my parents when they experienced happier times.  It made me realize that although my mom suffered an early death these pictures indicate that she had so much joy in life. 

The pictures lifted my survivor guilt and has made me feel so much better about living out my life. The timing was serendipitous.

Just what I needed. Just like she said.

Thank you for the sense of comfort you brought that day.

What an amazing gift!"

Spirits move Earthly energy to grab your attention, enhance your life, to make you feel reassured, to keep you safe, or make your day a little easier. The other reason is to teach you to develop your own Intuition, to have Faith in Life and Love Eternal.